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Organizational Capacity Assessment

We conduct an Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) to measure the overall capacity of an organization. we assess capability in five key areas: governance, organizational management, program management, human resources management, procurement management, and financial management. The results will help the organizations to address organizational problems and gaps.

External Audit

We provide external audits as a project base or organization base. We conduct a review and audit in terms of the following:

  • Financial position

  • Market share

  • Internal control and system efficiency.

  • HR, procurement and Financial policies and corporate governance that applied in the project.

  • Compliance.

Organizational Development

We conduct an Organizational Development after addressing the strengths, weakness, gaps, and problems after conducting Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) into an agreed-upon action plan that maps priority areas and actions.

The areas we work on develop it:

  • Governance

  • Organizational management

  • Program management.

  • Human resources management. 

  • Procurement management

  • Financial management.



Trust established in 2015 in Turkey-Istanbul.

  • We support and help organizations across the private, public, social sectors included profit and non-profit organizations.

  • We support our clients to transform their organizations in ways that matter most to them to create change and achieve their goals. This requires analytics and design into core processes and building capacities that help organizations and people to succeed in an ever-changing context.

  • With exceptional people, we combine expertise and insight to help you turn your ambitious goals into reality.

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Our team comprises of industry experts who have an extensive background in different areas of business.

The team delivers a full-range of skill-sets to meet your needs, including Accounting, Finance, Auditing, Corporate Governance, Feasibility Studies.




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